Beckin Ridge

Beckin Ridge is a part of the Cosguard Barony on its western edge. It borders frontier lands on the west and south with rolling hills dominating to the west.

Folks living in the ridge are typically farmers who share the common bond of working the land and so they are a tight-knit group. Most are loyal to Baron Remon Niell and are good people.

Recently an old woman named Vorda used her knowledge of herbology to attract a werewolf and lead it to kill farmers in Beckin Ridge. She was bitter from years of isolating and her reputation as a witch. Her plan was foiled by Klendan Otaro with Cam Bristol's involvement as well.

The PCs also fought off an ogre who had set up a lair near a farm in Beckin Ridge. Later an orc sought revenge for the ogre's death but the PCs managed to kill the orc as well.

Some of the farmers in Beckin Ridge are:
Len Nessar
Ondel Ross
Irin Montar
Fannen Gro

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