Brannan Wood

The Brannan Wood is a section of forest north of Cosguard. It houses the Cathedral Elms, a large outdoor clearing encircled by ancient elm trees and used as a holy site for the Goddess, Jora. Currently Shanallae, a priestess of Luminar oversees the Cathedral Elms.

400 years ago a war raged between the dwarves in the mountains to the west and the elves from Turin Joteral. A major battle was fought in the Brannan Wood between the two forces with the elves claiming victory. However this victory was achieved by the elves burning the Brannan Wood to the ground. So outraged was Luminar at this act that he set the elves to atone for their misdeeds. That is why the Keeper of Cathedral Elms is always an elven priest or priestess of Luminar.

Also kept in the Cathedral Elms is the last remnant of the war; the Masryn. The Masryn is a section of a once grand and glorious tree in the Brannan Wood that the elves set ablaze. Luminar himself blessed and now it is a staff that continues to burn from the original fire that burned down the Wood.

Druids of Jora also have a presence here and they have a sometimes intense relationship with Shanallae.

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