When refined Nullstone has several unique properties, most notably the metal creates a dead magic area around the object. No magic can affect the metal directly, though it can be affected by indirect means such as raising the temperature around the area or magically creating acid and then pouring it on the item. Nullstone is extremely heavy and soft.

Weapons and Armor made from Nullstone are too heavy to wield or use effectively. Odjects made from Nullstone weigh 4 times normal and cannot be magical.

  • Weapons - All attacks made with a Nullstone weapon are at disadvantage. If you manage to get a critical hit with the weapon, it breaks.
  • Armor - All movement cost double while wearing Nullstone armor and the armors base AC has a modifier of -1. If you get hit by a critical hit the armor breaks.

Weapons and Armor made from Nullstone are useful against magical creatures.

  • Weapons - Nullstone cuts through magical defenses. Attacks from a Nullstone weapon can damage magical creatures like normal, regardless of resistance magic.
  • Armor - Armor made from Nullstone grant the user resistance to magic spells that deal damage and advantage on non damaging spells that allow a save.


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