Federation Of Eban Shalor

Also called: Northern Shalor
Inhabited by: Mulan and Shou
Government: Strong Aristocracy
Northern Eban Shalor is a federation of landed nobles (called Sho) who have banded together to counter the growing people of the Guilds which control Southern Eban Shalor. A massive civil war is waging across the continent dragging more and more people in to the conflict. At one time the denizens of Eban Shalor were considered a wise and disciplined people. They excelled at martial fighting styles and boasted many monasteries dedicated to the fighting arts.
In Southern Shalor, the people blame the greed of the nobility for the conflict. In Northern Shalor, the people blame the commoners of the south for following false prophets who have lead the people to war with the North.
The Capitol of the federation is Xiajong. The city is one of opulence for the nobility and extreme poverty for the people. The central city is home to the nobility and their army of servants who are expected to provide unwavering loyalty and service to their masters.

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