Fellstone is a large rock that fell from the sky just over 500 years age, it caused a cataclysmic event that changed the world. After the mages created a meteorite and sent it crashing into Tealon's capital. The priests from the Tealon Dynisty preyed for a retributive strike against the mages from Umadine. The gods obliged, but in their infinite wisdom they had the primordials to do their work for them so the meteorite was infused with primordial magic. Not only did it do its job in destroying the Umadine republic's main land, it ignited a spark, called the fellspark.

Lighter than air and as strong as marble Fellstone has been harvested and used to craft airships. Umadine republic used Fellstone to recreate their cities that now float high in the sky. There is very little fellstone left to harvest. Umadine airships are extremely sought after but there is a finite amount of airships that can be built.


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