The Gods of Athia

History and Creation

The oldest stories tend to change based upon who tells them but most hold some common elements. At the beginning of time, Taa created the universe from nothing (or in some versions, from a void of swirling ash). In some accounts this included the other gods, from other accounts some of the other gods willed themselves in to existence.

Taa (some say Daros) populated the world with plants and animals. Seeing this, the other gods created the other races; dragons, giants, elves, and dwarves. But some of the gods were evil and spiteful. They created man, orcs, goblins, and trolls.

A great debate arose amongst the gods over who was better. This lead to great war involving the gods and their followers. Fearing the destruction of her creation, Taa forced the gods from the physical world and into the spirit world and with them went their divine or infernal servants. To this day the mortal races still fight this war in proxy for their gods.

Over the eons the pantheons of the mortals have changed. Some gods are said to have died, others diminished, and a few have simply assumed different names and identities. Today, there are still many gods who have an active influence in the world. Below is the list of the major deities worshipped by humans, elves, dwarves, and their kin.

The High Gods

Taa (Unaligned)- The Creator. High Goddess of All.

Daros (Lawful Good)- God of Life

Luminar (Neutral Good)- God of Light

Jora (Chaotic Good)- Goddess of Nature

Umadine (Lawful Neutral)- God of Magic

Mahari (Neutral)- Goddess of Knowledge

Breyux (Chaotic Neutral)- God of War

Thargus (Lawful Evil)- God of Death and the Undead

Sathriss (Neutral Evil)- Goddess of Deception

Vontar (Chaotic Evil)- Goddess of Destruction

Other Gods

Shadow Lord (Neutral)- God of Shadow

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