Jahari Empire

Also called: Konga
Inhabited by: Turami
Government: Anocracy, tribal chiefdom dominated by tribal chiefs, warlords, priest-shamans and witch-doctors
Jahari is a land of rainforests, tropical grasslands, and rocky crags. The majority of Jahari people are highly tribal and mostly nomadic. The cities in Jahari are more like gatherings of tents and tribes holding grand fairs where the exotic beasts of Jahari are traded and bartered for. Jahari is home to large dinos, which the people use as mounts, attack animals, and pets. Many see the Jahari as evil given their active slave and ritual sacrifice practices. The Jahari war amongst themselves as much as they do other nations. Warlords are common in Jahari. As a people they produce unique styles of art but little else.
If Jahari can be said to have a capitol it would be the southern port of Shaka’Ho. Here the great slave trading companies maintain large compounds to protect their wares and vast wealth.

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