Kingdoms Of Uthus

Also called: Uthas
Inhabited by: Illuskan
Government: Weak non-hereditary Monarchy elected (King) and supported by an Aristocratic Oligarchy (Jarls)
At one time Uthas was a nation of many kingdoms. Wars and skirmishes were common occurrences in Uthas and the even though the most were warrior-like tribesmen, the people grew weary of the constant bloodshed. A commoner, Jagen Warhammer, started a revolution in the lands. Using superior battlefield tatics, Jagen embarked on a shocking war campaign that united the many kingdoms under his banner and slew any king who refused to submit. Jagen was not power hungry and did not seek to be overlord of all of Uthas. Instead he established the Council of Frostenhigh, a meeting of land barons (called Jarls), to elect a new leader when the old one dies.
Uthas is a land of varied terrains. Plains and farm lands are common although the soil is rocky. Mountains and hills also cover the landscape. In the far north is the volcano, Mount Furitor. Rivers and large lakes can be founds as can cliffs, craigs, and waterfalls. Much of the land is yet untamed.
Uthas produces a lot of different products. Wool and furs are common. Deer are herded and farmed. Wild boars are hunted for food and for sport. The capitol is Gresshiem. A grey and dour city according to some, the people of Uthas have learned to brew their meads to perfection in an effort to keep them warm against the long winters.

Important Notes:
Uthas has not been prominent on the world stage for many reasons. Their remote location in the far northwest isolates them somewhat. The Jarls seem content with political maneuverings amongst themselves and as the king is usually just the strongest of the Jarls, he is not in a position to command an army large enough to invade other lands. Also, internally, Uthas seeks periodic invasions from the Underdark and much or Uthas remains unsettled. This keeps the Jarls occupied with defending their own territories leaving little time for expansionist ambitions.

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