Followers of Luminar claim he was the first of Taa’s creations and in that moment, it was he that divided the light from the dark. Whether true or not, one thing is certain. The worship of Luminar is the earliest recorded religious practice. In ancient times he was known as Solarias and/or the Phoenix and he was viewed as one of the most powerful gods.

While changes have occurred within his religious dogma, not much has changed about the god himself. Many believe Luminar either rides the sun across the sky or is the sun himself. Being so present and such a powerful sign for good, many aspects of him permeate cultures. A common example is the Light’s Prayer which is a common blessing to bestow. It reads as:

“Light is a place where truth you can see.
Luminar is when everything's clear and understood.
Light is moving, it opens your mind, sets you free.
Luminar is that feeling that all is good.
Light is in motion, it always hits the mark.
Luminar is the feeling when your lover is near.
Light is more than the absence of dark.
Luminar is that place without fear.
Light is what joins us, him, you and me.
Luminar is always and always shall be.”

Luminar maintains a strongly connected but loosely controlled religious organization. Regional ‘Vigils’ support local temples and religious works within their respective areas. Religious leaders from other regions are honored and afforded respect but not authority. This rarely comes in to play as Luminar encourages cooperation amongst his followers. While individual regions may work together, there is no spanning papacy that governs the religion as a whole.

Favored Weapon: Shortbow
Holy Days: First day of summer (Lightside), first day of winter (Nightside) (longest and shortest days of the year)
Alignment: Neutral Good
Domain: Light


In ancient times Luminar was called the Phoenix and the people claimed he could never die.

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