This Large capital city consists of beautiful masonry adorned with brass adornments, supports and dome roofs. Built into the side of a mountain a large wall guards the city from desert creatures wandering in.
Most of the cities population consist of humans. There are very few elves that live in Romahad they find the city too chaotic. Dwarves do populate the city they run a mining and trade company in the city they have permits to mine the nearby mountain in exchange for low rates on there wares, the city profits greatly from this agreement. Romahad hosts one of the few temples of Moradin that isn't in a dwarven city.
Other races of note are the catfolk, who make up about ten percent of the population. They are a hard working people and welcome in the city, though there are a few who distrust them believing if they go unchecked the half breeds would be just like the Glyphs.

Sultan Raaji Ishak rules all of the Ostijan desert from Romahad. In the center of the Romahad is a large dome, this is where the sultan resides. It is said you can see the whole Ostijahn desert from this dome. He is a good man, a bit light on his rulings and quiet eccentric. One thing he takes very serious is his war with the Glyphs. He believes they are evil slavers and must be destroyed before they enslave humans again and reclaim the desert.


Every now and then a loud dragon roar can be heard coming from the dome. This is the sultans adult copper dragon his ancestors befriended. The dragon is fairly well known, he comes and goes as he pleases. In fact the city is named after the dragon his name is Romahast. If you spend any real time in Romahad you are sure to see the huge copper dragon.
With in the city limits, birds and other animals sing songs about the sultan and his dragon. You will also see carvings of the dragon all over the city.


The sultan is very fond of books he is known to spend many a night in the library reading his rather large collection of rare books.


While they do not have the reputation of an intellectual peoples, Romahad has a formal system of education and the library of Al’Sarin is among the largest in the world thanks to the sultans collection.

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