Living Realms


This is a home brew game for fifth edition. The world we are building is called Athia below is a topographical image. Use the links on the side menu or click on the following if you would like to see a map showing the Countries of Athia
In this world there are 10 main gods you can find the link for the gods page on the left. Humans claim most of the land but there are other humanoid races that also claim parts of Athia as home. Next to the gods link one the left, you can also find a link for the different countries and regions of Athia.
On the left, you will also find a link to the Living Realms Players Compendium. This will eventually include everything a player will need to play in Athia. Including old and new; custom backgrounds, feats, races, subraces, classes and subclasses.


Large HD Map

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