The Five Kingdoms Of Aspela

Also called, 'The Five Kingdoms' or just 'Aspela' this confederation used to consist of Seven Kingdoms. Shoto defected from Aspela, joining the Theriden Empire. Their act of treachery manifested in Shoto destroying the Kingdom of Iwen, killing all the people therein and taking possession of the lands. Today there are only a few Iwen descendants left in the world.
A state of war is still being fought between Theriden and the Five Kingdoms. Shoto is the main battle front of the world and the wetlands of Drosnia have proven an incredibly difficult terrain for the Theridens to move armies across.


Humans from Aspela are called Damarins. They are of moderate height and build, with skin hues ranging from tawny to fair. Their hair is usually brown or black, and their eye color varies widely, though brown is most common. Because of the war with Theriden empire all Damarins are trained with spear and shields.

Kingdom Descriptions

  • Drosnia: is a land of rivers, lakes, wetlands, marshes, fens and deltas. Large wealthy merchant houses act as fronts for a active spy networks that extend throughout Athia. Drosnia spies operate in all levels of Drosnia society and in an environment of so much deception and misdirection, it is hard to say who is a real spy and for whom and who is not a spy at all. Drosnia produces rice, cranberries, and fishing are primary products. The capital of Drosnia is Merith, a large city of channels built upon waterways.
  • Dranis: is a wet and cold land. Most people are hardy and industrious. Many are shepards but Dranians also have lose laws regarding mercenaries and boasts a large number of mercenary companies. Mutton and wool are primary products. The capital of Dranis is Barsinek, a large fortress city.
  • Tremaine: is a land of trees and forests. Most people live amongst the woodlands is small villages dedicated to foresting and trapping. Those that live in cities tend to be middle class to wealthy. Most people live in small villas with broad balconies, well-appointed architecture and beautiful gardens.
  • Kalden: is primary a farming state with a few smaller sized towns and only the capital could properly be called a city. As such farm goods of all sorts tent to be the major trade. Most people consider Kalden a boring place but those who spend time here find the people unified through bonds of friendship and mutual respect not seen in other lands. The capitol is called Kalden as well. It is a walled, plain city where traders come from all across the lands to sell their goods.
  • Varesa: is a land of large estates whose orchards grown the best grapes, apples, and other such products. There is a sharp contrast between the nobility and the common peasant here. Peasants spend their life toiling in the fields of their lords while the wealthy lords live in luxury and lead largely hedonistic lives. Varesa does maintain a large, well trained and equipped army staffed by the second (and later) sons of the nobility. The capital is Ladone, bespotted with artwork of all kinds. It is often considered the most beautiful city in the world.
  • Iwen Forty years ago Shoto sacked Iwen with the aid of the Theriden Empire. Shoto took all its lands and committed genocide on its people, the survivors of Iwen are few and far between.


  • Riva: The capital center of the Five Kingdoms. It is a place of contrasts. The bulk of the city is a fortress housing the combined armies of the Five Kingdoms and the rest of the city is the made of parks and inspiring architecture housing the high Lord and the senate as well as the various functionaries of the confederacy.
  • High Lord Hereditary Monarchy for each of the Kingdoms, together the five kingdoms are a confederacy governed by a High Lord elected by the individual rulers of each kingdom and a senate consisting of 5 senators from each kingdom.
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