Theriden Empire

Surrounding most of the northern half of the Doph Ocean, the Theriden Empire is one of the richest lands in the world. A land known for its rich noblemen, hard working sailors and eager merchants. The plunder of an entire kingdom was sacked and divided among the nobles of the Theriden Empire. With the war raging across the Doph ocean, sailors find themselves with plenty of work ferrying goods and transporting people. Merchants have always found profit when there was profit to be made, one can find goods being sold in the Theriden Empire not found anywhere else.

Church and State

The Emperor is very religious and because of this he has decreed that all shall worship a God. He also doesn't discriminate against one god or another, any God will do. He believes its more important that you believe in a God than which one you believe in. The Emperor himself follows Brayux the God of war.
In the Theriden Empire, worship of the Gods is required by law and it is expected that all will tithe to the church. Because of this the Theriden Empire has close ties with Tealon Dynasty. Failure to tithe can result in; jail time, working as a row-men on a galley, working the mines of Broz or worse yet being sent to the front lines in Shoto.


A slender, tawny-skinned folk with brown hair that ranges from almost blond to almost black. Most are tall and have green or brown eyes, but these traits are hardly universal. Humans of Chondathan descent dominate the Theriden Empire where it is required by law to worship the gods.

Kingdoms of the Theriden Empire

  • Thron: is the capitol of Theriden and one of the richest countries in the world. In the capital city, Cerdu you can see great stone towers house many of the nobility and priceless works of art Thron is known for. The people are industrious but somewhat superstitious. The land is generally flat and arable. Gently flowing rivers carry water from the mountains in the west to the many farms of the country side. Wheat is a primary resource and the country is known for its many variety of breads.
  • Tulan: is a land of lush, fertile valleys, quaint farms, and small villages. The leader of Tulan is a Prince by title although not the imperial heir. Tulan is known for its large castle estates and knightly orders. Due to its internal stability, many banking clans make their base of operations in the capital, Blackhold. The city is situated on a bay and is itself a massive citadel. Wines and liquors are the primary export of the region. Bacco leaves grown in Tulon are highly prized the world over by those who smoke a pipe.
  • Broz: is a rough land of hills and mountains. The area is known for its many mining companies that extract gold, silver, tin, iron, and copper from the land. The companies are extremely wealthy and powerful, 'Broz Bros.' is one of, if not the most well known of these companies. Nobility is made up of merchant families who control the land and all who dwell within. They rely a great deal on the Imperial Army to keep the peace and defend its borders. Broz also relies on trade for other resources such as food and textiles which can be a drain on the economy. The capitol of Broz is Blood Port. The city is so named because the outer battlements defending the port extend in to the water and were made out of iron. The iron has since rusted giving the water a reddish tinge around the piers. Many sailors take this as a bad omen and refuse to sail into the port itself.
  • Shoto: At one time Shoto was a part of the Seven Kingdoms (of Aspella). King Laramon betrayed the alliance by swearing fealty to The Theriden Empire and using the resources thus gained to commit genocide on the people of Iwen (of Aspella). Even after 40 years and the destruction of Iwen, Shoto continues its invasion of the Five Kingdoms. The costly war has depleted the land of its wealth and people. Fields lay untended as men and even children are drafted in to the conflict. Starvation, rats and carrion beasts are a constant problem for the common man in Shoto. To generate revenues, Shoto has relaxed its enforcement of laws turning the nation in to a den of criminal activity. The capitol of Shoto is Hanarin. The city is a maze of rundown shanties and seemingly randomly placed city walls built upon the steep slopes of Mount Kaladore.


Hereditary Imperial Monarchy

  • Emperor Joffrey The emperor who sits on the throne in Thron, rules with an iron fist. When dealing with the other kings and a few select nobles, he uses his wealth and taxes to get things done. For everyone else, their lives. His motivations are greed and war. His house is very wealthy and he wants more. At first he saw the church as a method for him to gain wealth but since he grew up with priests as advisers and personal counsel, he has gained actual faith in the god of war. Absolute power corrupts absolutely, disagreeing with Joffrey is a little something he likes to call heresy and he will burn you at the stake. This is a guy who sentenced his own uncle to death for slapping his hand. On top of that he will force everyone to cheer and clap as you beg for your life until you ultimately burn to your death.
  • Kriger Koss Ledian In the capital city of Vosskar in the kingdom of Ledian a large beast of a man sits upon the throne, Koss is usually quiet and keeps his thoughts to himself. Knowing he isn't tolerant of of his subjects questioning him, when the Kriger speaks everyone listens. The Kingdom has always been in his family but he has yet to make an heir.
  • King Laramon resides in Shoto. Does he rule with iron fist?? Motivations?? Is he Fair??
  • Prince??? resides in Tulan. Does he rule with iron fist?? Motivations?? Is he Fair??
  • King ??? resides in Broz. Does he rule with iron fist?? Motivations?? Is he Fair??
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