Tolrak Kingdom

Explorers and scouts have been reporting more and more of a large army of orcs building within Tolrak. Tolrak defenses include large tower fortifications at strategic points along the country side. The armies horse archers are able to respond and move quickly alleviating fears of any kind of invasion.

Also called: Tolrak, Wildeland
Inhabited by: Tethryian
Government: Hereditary Matriarchy
Tolrak is a frontier kingdom. Much of the kingdom is unsettled wildlands. The kingdom itself centers on the western shore of Lake Styrek amidst ancient Adalec ruins, the remains of a once mighty empire from ages long past. Trolls are a constant problem for the sparsely populated Tolrak as are a host of other creatures and monstrosities. The battle harden denizens of Tolrak live in fear of the night and have developed customs revolving around dusk and dawn. The leader of Tolrak is always a Queen and a sorcerer, at least in theory if not in practice. Tolraki horse mounted archers are legendary amongst the realms and some even say that the people of Tolrak can speak to their horses if their bloodlines are pure enough. The capitol of Tolrak is Darnum. Part of the old city was built by the Adalec and its structures show the wear and age of being such. The new city is more modern in appearance but not nearly as large as the old city. Far to the south is the port city of Danenfar, Tolrak’s largest city.

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