The Principality of Tulan

Tulan is a member state in the Theridan Empire. It makes its capital in the city of Blackhold and is a Monarchy whose chief government official is a Prince or Princess. Despite this lofty title, the Prince or Princess is not heir to the Imperial Throne of Theridan. Currently, Prince Caden Dormaine sits upon the Silver Throne. House Dormaine has held the throne for several generations and are seen as a family of brilliant scholars and tacticians.

Tulan is a feudal society and is a land of lush, fertile valleys, quaint farms, and small villages. Tulan is known for its large castle estates and knightly orders. Due to its internal stability, many banking clans make their base of operations in the capital, Blackhold. The city is situated on a bay and is itself a massive citadel. Wines and liquors are the primary export of the region. Bacco leaves grown in Tulon are highly prized the world over by those who smoke a pipe.

Barony of Cosguard

* Clear Spring- A small hamlet to the northwest of the Town of Cosguard.
* Brannan Wood- A large forest north of the Town of Cosguard.
* Beckin Ridge- A collection of farms near a ridge southwest of the Town of Cosguard.
* Able’s Grove- A group of farms that have recently formed a hamlet with the inclusion of settlers from Green Well. It is located to the west of the town of Cosguard.

County of Descane

  • Mirkwood- Also called the Gloom Mire. A large swamp to the east and south of the City of Descane.
  • Green Well- Now abandoned swamp village built over a small swamp lake. Its people have moved to Able’s Grove in Cosguard.
  • Ruin- A shadowy town of thieves, slavers, and criminals built in the ruins of Havin Danathar.

The Aza Adaelin March

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