United Territories Of Eban Shalor

Also called: Southern Shalor, The United Territories
Inhabited by: Mulan and Shou
Government: Aristocratic Plutocracy (the wealthy)
Guilds form the power base in the United Territories. It is the leadership of the guilds that wields the most power. At a local level, this can be commoners. At higher levels positions of rank must be purchased, although are open to any citizen. This creates the notion that a common man could ascend to the highest offices in the lands. In practice, this rarely happens. As a result membership in a guild can wax and wane depending up what is popular at the time.
The different ideologies between the once united Northern Shalor and Southern Shalor has lead to a civil war. In the South, the people believe that northerners are too compliant to greedy nobility. In the North, people believe southerns are being mislead by leaders who are out for their own profit.
The capitol of Souther Shalor is Nogashii. The numerous Guild Halls are built around the plaza of Hiyoto, a place known for its many gardens and blossoming trees. Like as in Northern Shalor, monistaries dedicated to the fighting arts can be found across the country.

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