Wherever there is war there is sure to be those that honor Breyux. Some see the God of War as a blood thirsty killer. Others see him as a protector who helps people survive battles. Priests of both aspects can be found preaching to armies and warriors before a battle, often at the same time and on opposing sides of the battle.

This duality in Breyux has allowed his worship to flourish even if not all those who honor him do so regularly. Many see him as a savage God and only prey to him when the need arises. To his priests, this is a problem so they are constantly encouraging battles.

To cynics this may seem like unnecessary warmongering but to true followers of Breyux that is not the case. Per Breyux, war and fighting keeps people and societies strong. This prevents the weak from coming to dominate and stops strong minority groups or outside influences from determining the destinies of men. In this way, many of the clergy justify their antagonism.

Breyux has little formal religious practices. Most common is sharpening of weapons and listening to inspiring speeches. Others include offering burnt sacrifices, begging and pleading in prayers, and sexual relations. Many consider victory parties, or revelries, as honorary to Breyux as well but most people do not formally acknowledge this.

Breyux does not keep formal temples. His shrines are usually kept at barracks, headquarters of armies, and in training camps. His priests do not tend to communities on a regular basis but rather tend to travel to wherever violence maybe found.

Favored Weapon: Great Ax
Holy Days: None Specifically. Most religious observances are held before and after a battle.
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Domain: War

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