Per the Church of Daros, Daros himself created all life from Taa’s creation. It was his will that creation have a point to its existence; for without life there would be no beauty, honor, or love.

This dogma has made Daros a popular god amongst humans and his ilk. Daros is in a constant struggle with Thargus, who tries to destroy everything Daros stands for. Daros encourages his followers to seek out and destroy Thargus's undead. Oddly enough though, death walkers are not to be touched. The reason is known by only Daros's oldest and most devout followers. His church is large and well organized. Some say too organized. The church can hold a lot of political power in some quarters and is rejected in other places for that same reason.

The Church has several denominations. Not all are loyal to or controlled by the Church itself but none even approach the Church in size or scope. Some of the orders are:

The Bithrin: These abbots are dedicated to the health of all people. The establish hospitals where they use their gifts and knowledge to heal.

The Gendian Knights: This group of paladins act as protectors for pilgrims and holy places dedicated to Daros.

The Palan: These prophets contemplate the meaning of life and administer the teachings to Daros’s followers. Many can be found in cloistered abbeys or travelling the roads of the world seeking out places in need of their teachings.

Favored Weapon: Mace
Holy Days: First Day of Spring (Erastide), Harvest
Alignment: Lawful Good
Domain: Life

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