Jora is another Goddess whose religious following stretches back to the dawn of time. She is Mother Nature and her religion teaches there are no laws in nature; there is only randomness and the survival of those strong enough or lucky enough to survive. Followers of Jora consider the circle of life as espoused by Daros and his followers as a misinterpretation of the reality of the world. Daros would denounce a storm that brings hail and destroys crops, while followers of Jora would see opportunity for other life to flourish.

Anyone who looks closely at nature sees her touch. From survival, to the seasons, to farmer’s fields, to storms, and life giving waters. In these ways Jora keeps life thriving and evolving.

Jora has very little formal structure to her religious practices. Local groups operate independently of one another and outsiders can enter a different region and if they remain unopposed can ply their religion there. Locally groups of priests or druids form “circles” where they gather periodically to discuss affairs. The head of circle is usually the most senior of the clergy present but not always. Clergy within a circle cooperate to meet common goals but can be quite passionate in their disagreements.

There are two different organizations within the Jora dogma. Priests and priestess tend to favor the traditional role of taking care of Jora’s flock of worshippers while druids tend to stick to the lands they protect. This separation of priests and druids is by no means a hard-set rule. There are plenty of examples of each taking on the roles of the other.

Over the eons Jora has been called by many names including Kyra and Saphrim. Her Druids often believe her to be “the World Tree”.

Favored Weapon: Club
Holy Days: First day of spring (Erastide), first day of autum
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Domain: Nature

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