Mahari is the goddess of knowledge. He temples are schools and mundane colleges spread across Athia. Her followers are teachers, scholars, sages and students. The core of her belief is that knowledge is power and her followers strive to learn all they can.

Some have interpreted this as the need to record history and pass on what they know. Others have taken this to mean that they are to protect information from falling in to the hands of their enemies. In either case scholars of Mahari enjoy debating the philosophy and causality more so than actually fighting each other. That is not to say the followers of Mahari are pushovers. Hardly. Instead many nobles in more civilized lands encourage the presence of Mahari’s schools for the power their knowledge brings.

Mahari’s religion is organized by school or college. There is no specific religious doctrine that governs them all outside of simple common sense. Still, most schools follow common patterns for practical reasons and most honor visitors from other schools. In fact, it is not unheard of for two practitioners of Mahari to ignore wars between their people and converse amongst themselves. Otherwise colleges and schools are decentralized and no formal organization exists that binds them together.

Many colleges have several types of agents working in the name of Mahari. Not all in these groups are clergy, most are laymen. However, the clergy not only encourages the study of knowledge but usually also takes a role in one of the groups below.

The Delvers are a group of explores who study old ruins, history, or other civilizations in the search for knowledge.

The Sages are those scholars who sift through libraries or practice a knowledge as an occupation such as an inventor or a historian.

The Masters are those dedicated to teaching others. The usually make up the faculty or administrators of a college.

These groups are not hard defined jobs but rather specialists within schools or the religion. For instance, many Delvers may teach and many Masters are also Sages.

Favored Weapon: light crossbow
Holy Days: Graduation (Usually late spring), Commencement (usually after harvest)
Alignment: Neutral
Domain: Knowledge

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