She has had many names throughout history but in all mythos, she is the deceiver, the corruptor, and the apostate. She is the maiden of the Dark and Mistress of the Blight. According to legend Sathriss is the true daughter of Taa. It was Taa’s desire that Sathriss rule over all of creation but on the day Sathriss was to take the throne she betrayed the Gods. She allowed evil in to the world and slew many Gods calling them weak and pathetic. Her plan did not work out and she was forced to flee finding refuge in the darkness of night.

Sathriss religion centers on the idea that reality is fake and that people and even Gods deny their true natures. All things are made of darkness and in our hearts that evil yearns to be free. Followers are encouraged to indulge their urges and cast off the deception that morality binds us with. As our boundries for ever greater evil are broken we become more at one with the universe as it was meant to be. This is important because according to Sathriss’s dogma, all of creation will one day end and all things will rejoin the darkness everything is made of.

Sathriss’s religion is not want most people suspect. Many of the clergy are not about selves but rather have compassion for their fellows and work to save others. The church of Sathriss has a few hidden temples and is composed of several different branches. The Apostate is the high priest of Sathriss and works with a council of Judges who are the heads of their respective branches of the religion. The branches are each organized differently.

The Shepards are clergy who encourage people to follow the doctrine Sathriss has laid out. The process usually starts by using temptation and as the person succumbs more and more to their inner darkness Sathriss is revealed.

The Wyrd brings betrayal, pain, and deception. They push people to betray their own principles and morals so as to darken their souls.

The Revan are nihilists or something akin. They seek only destruction and mayhem for its own sake. They may help others but only if it harms the greater good.

Another facet of Sathriss’s dogma is that her followers paid a stipend of a hundred copper per month once the follower has attended services for a full year. After two years, this becomes one hundred silver, after three years 100 hundred gold, and after four years 100 platinum. Starting in the fifth year, followers are paid in precious gems. This continues to escalate up to magic items and the like.

Payment to followers is a service that Sathriss provides because she believes deities should serve their worshippers and not the other way around. She contends the other Gods could do the same but chose not to. She points out that even Luminar only shines upon the land roughly half the day. It is this kind of self-serving greed why the other Gods are hypocrites when they claim there are good and righteous. Sathriss takes care of her own in real and tangible ways.

Favored Weapon: Whip
Holy Days: Any day when her followers can chant “Night time is the right time”
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Domain: Trickery

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