Shadow Lord

A’Shadar Al’Ahrune is an elder, but was a lesser deity who also goes by the name of the Shadow Lord. His initial charges were Darklings and all things that thrived in Shadows. In an act that is seen as the end of the first age and the beginning of the second age (known as the Gods' War) A'Shadar raped the Elder Goddess, Jora. So great was Jora's fury that she rewrote the underlying principles of reality to trap A'Shadar in a cave prison. So fundamental was the change to reality that A'Shadar will never escape even beyond the end of all existence.

Many eons later, during the Age of Glory, with the help of another earth-bound deity, A'Shadar managed to break a portion of his essence free from his prison. Being a divine being embodied on Athia in the flesh, A'Shadar wielded incredible power. He gathered armies and struck against all nations nearest to where he escaped his prison. The largest of these nations was Keshon, a kingdom of primarily humans and halflings. A'Shadar and his armies purged the halflings and enslaved many humans in his conquest of the land.

The invasion was finally brought to a halt by the legendary Wizard, Tharon. Using an artifact known at the Book of the Tenth, Tharon destroyed the Shadow Lord's essence that was ravaging the land. This action left A'Shadar wounded and but a mere sliver of his former divinity trapped in his cave prison. It also revealed that A'Shadar had been corrupted and manipulated by his sword, Coromund, who was an avatar of the Goddess Sathriss in disguise. Again Tharon used the Book of the Tenth and destroyed Sathriss's avatar permanently.

Following the first Sundering and moving in to the next age, the location of the Shadow Lord's prison became lost from the public's mind. Some few brave adventurers had reported encounters with the fallen God, who now called himself the Dark Oracle. In the current age, A'Shadar's prison has been located beneath the ruins of Havin Danathar. A'Shadar very much looks like a broken and fallen God. His wounds still drip blood and his power to influence the outside world is all but gone. He remains highly arrogant and self-centered. He is also ignorant of mortals and some of their most basic aspect. Still he has expressed a desire to atone for his past actions and seems to be making an effort to understand mortalkind.

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