Taa is the creator and the greatest of all the gods. She is neutral in all aspects and she allows anyone to worship her. Because she is the mother of all things her worshippers tend to look past good/evil and law/chaos. Many become pacifist refusing to harm any part of Taa’s creation and instead believe Taa “will provide”. This neutrality in her dogma has proven a difficult concept for some people to accept and she does not have a large base of worshippers as a result. To those that do follow her, they believe that they alone will be held above all others by Taa in the afterlife.

Her religion once held sway in the recently destroy Kingdom of Iwen in Aspella. With that nation now gone, her followers are few and far between. When it did exist Iwen practiced several unusual customs including voluntary slavery (as a form of atonement) and religious fasting.

Favored Weapon: Shield
Holy Days: Last day of the Year, First day of the year (Erastide)
Alignment: Unaligned
Domain: Any

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