The very name of Thargus strikes fear in the hearts of good natured folk. Many call him the “Undead Father” and “Lord of the Night”. Most of his followers are sentient undead but he has mortal followers as well. Some Druids and Rangers worship Thargus for the role he plays in nature and the cycle of life. For them Thargus is the end of the cycle which leads to new life to be born.

Priests of Thargus ususally preach the fear Thargus represents and suggest his blessing will save them from the oblivion of final death. In this aspect, Thargus is seen as the guardian of the dead and the purveyor of the dead to the afterlife. Many others see the power the undead possess and either fear death enough that undeath seems a decent alternative or crave mastery over the undead.

Followers of Thargus hold religious services in temples called catacombs, and are underground, usually beneath cemeteries. Many of his followers work in areas near death or potentially the undead. Morticians, gravekeeper's, town guard, and even undead hunters pay homage to Thargus. Due to common perceptions regarding Thargus his religion remains out of sight but his agents are said to be everywhere.

Commonly called Darkmen, the followers of Thargus like to work at night and often get involved in a variety of illicit activities. Many maintain contacts in other cities or regions for trading or sharing of information. In this way, the church of Thargus remains connected, organized, and stronger than most people suspect.

The Church of Thargus has several orders of its own. These orders compete against one another and can even come to blows but as a whole they have learned to obey the elders of the religion or face dire (and often eternal) consequences.

The Darkon: This is an order of knights who protect the interests of the Church of Thargus. Many are said to be hidden in plain sight.

Slayers: A small order dedicated to killing that which needs to die. At times this may seem beneficial, such as euthanasia. At other times their targets may be children. Who or what directs them to select their targets is unknown.

The Black Cabal: This ring of followers is more about trading information and resources. Cabalists form a network so, usually necromancers, can obtain the resources and materials they need to ply their craft.

Favored Weapon: Sickle
Holy Days: Darkhest (Winter Equinox- shortest day of the year), Soularch (mid-Autumn)
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Domain: Death

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