Umadine is the patron deity of the wizards of Umadin. While his worship is centrally located at the collge of Umadin, his followers can be found across Athia. True followers of Umadine see the college as the home of Umadine and the seat of his power. The college is a nation unto itself and has its own internal social structure. The religious aspect of the College is built in to the daily routines of the students, government, teachers, and population as to be all but invisible to outsiders.

Umadin’s priests are mages who have taken the role of priests. Umadine does not normally grant divine magic to his clergy. Religious practices consist of forums and lectures. The testing of apprentices and neonates are important times. Most mages are laymen who ensure what few non-mage citizens there are living in Umadine adhere to the tenets of Umadine as best as a non-mage can.

Umadine espouses the magical arts in all its forms as a pathway to ascendancy of the soul (or spirit). Some have taken this to mean that through the accumulation of arcane knowledge one can begin to reach unity with the multiverse and thereby master the very building blocks of creation. Others have taken this to mean that magic is a pathway to power and immortality. Whichever view is held, Umadine’s church, or rather the College of Umadin, is his mortal institution for the preservation and ensured continuance of magic.

Some scholars believe Umadine’s neutral stance on such matters of good and evil are a direct result of historical attempts to wipe out magic from the world. These attempts are mainly due to the power mages wield and the fear commoners have of that very power.

Umadine dogma encourages all practitioners of the mystical arts to join his school however Warlocks never do. Umadine sees pact magic as a cheapen and false path to magic. Those that make pacts do not study the nature of magic but rather borrow the power of magic from someone or something else.

Favored Weapon: Staff
Holy Days: Equinox, nights of the full moon, solar eclipses, and nights of no moon (The Black Moon)
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Domain: None

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