When one speaks of evil, most envision Vontar. Since the earliest days myths about the creation of the universe revolve around Taa creating light. What those myths don’t mention is that Vontar was the darkness Taa created the light in.

Religious leaders dismiss this as the conceit of a demon but some scholars have to wonder. Vontar is more than just storms and thunder. She is the primal rage of nature. She is the Destroyer. And in to darkness she would see all things fall.

Vontar’s religion is a scattered sort. Her dogma seems to be whatever justifies her followers to commit acts of heinous evil. Books of her commands are little more than dictates to kill, maim, and inflict as much pain as possible. No reason why is ever given.

There is no central church of Vontar. Worshippers are largely on their own as priests of Vontar do not lead flocks of people. Rather they dominate people and force them to beg the Goddess for mercy that will never come. Vontar’s clergy are often recognizable as they are in to self-mutilation as an act of devotion to their demon god. Some of her clergy scoff at this notion however. They see such debasing as a sign of weakness and weakness is something Vontar does not respect.

Favored Weapon: Saw-toothed Longsword
Holy Days: Any day when her followers can chant “Night time is the right time”
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Domain: Tempest

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